2016/2018 - Hydropowerplant Doesburg (NLD)



In collaboration with Waterschap Rijn and IJssel and the Dutch town Doesburg, DWE develops a hydropowerplant with a maximum output of 500 KW. The installation consists of two units of 250 KW each. This environment and fish friendly formation has a remarkable attribute. Due to the fact that it is part of a dam complex, the installation floats. In case of extreme water drainage, the installation can be removed within one day. No interventions are needed at the existing dam complex. Normally one unit is active, in case of rising watervolume the second unit automatically activates.


2016/2017 - Off Grid formation Suriname (SUR) 



In collaboration with RVO Nederland and using a DHK subsidy, at this moment we are working on an Off Grid formation near the community Duwatra (Sula Bakaaboto) in the Suriname river in Suriname. Here a 30 KW formation is being build. The Oryon Watermill will be situated in such a way that the fairway will remain, because of it's importance tot the local community. By using the Oryon Watermill big savings can be realized on spendings for fossile fuel. With the introduction of the Oryon Watermill sustainable energy 24/7 is within reach for this remote community.


2017/2018 - Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam (NLD)



Also for low decay tidal energy Oryon Watermill offers efficiently solutions. In this tidal formation the self starting turbine has the advantage of always rotating in the same direction. This makes this version of the Oryon Watermill a robust construction, which of course is fish friendly. The maximum output of this formation is 1500 KW. As an example, this formation is capable of delivering energy to more than 1300 modern households.