Energy out of tidal currents

Oryon Watermill can be placed in tidal currents

Without any adjustment the Oryon watermill turns from any water flow direction.

A sketch of the Oryon Watermill tidal stream

The Oryon Watermill is also suitable for generating energy out of tidal currents. Unique to this system is that the installation does not require any adjustments and automatically generates energy out of the water, whether it is high or low tide. Without any adjustment, the Oryon Watermill keeps the same rotation direction, also by different water flow directions. This is because of the unique patented system and has an input and output that works exactly reversed.The Oryon Watermill can be installed in dikes, dams and other locations where tidal currents occur. Do you want to know more about this application, please contact us.



Residual water

Tidal power



Remote areas


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