What is the output of an Oryon watermill?

On average an Oryon Watermill is running 90% of the time at full power. This includes any downtime hours for any maintenance and/or repair. Logically, the actual energy efficiency is depending on the local situation.


We always perform a site survey in advance. Thus, we calculate how much energy can be generated. Part of the purchase contract is a guaranteed amount of electricity generated by  the Oryon Watermill. So you can be sure about your cost per kWh.


Calculation example

90% energy efficiency

7.884 hours a year

An Oryon Watermill of 150KW generates 1,182 MWh of electricity on a yearly basis. 

One-time costs € 775,000 (purchase, transportation and installation)

Annual maintenance costs € 22,000 (4% of the purchase cost)

Total annual costs based on a life span of 25 years: € 54,000.

Energy costs € 0,045 per kWh.

In the calculation example, we assume an installation of 150kW. We provide an Oryon Watermill or a grid of a series Oryon Watermills of 50kW to 10MW.


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