The Oryon Watermill generates renewable energy from various streams

Forced streamsTidal currentsRiver cribs

Forced streams

One- and two-directional tidal currents

In river cribs


Over 70% of our earth's surface consists of water. It means that there are a lot of places where energy can be generated. The Oryon Watermill is an innovative hydropower plant that permanently generates renewable energy out of flowing water. This installation can be installed in river cribs, tidal or in forced streams. Installing an Oryon Watermill is customization, which means it can be adapted to almost any location. A site survey will always be performed in advance. In this way the best place, where the highest efficiency can be achieved, will be determined to install the Oryon Watermill. Do you want to know more about this application, please contact us.



Residual water

Tidal power



Remote areas