First Oryon Watermill for Suriname



Water instead of diesel


Deep Water Energy (DWE), a company based in the East of The Netherlands and inventor of the revolutionary Oryon Watermill, makes a next major step in its development. Supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) DWE is about to install their first hydroelectric power station in Suriname.


The so-called off-grid Oryon Watermill will be built in the Suriname River, in the proximity of Duwatra village. The 30 kW hydroelectric power station will generate enough electricity to support the inhabitants of a total of three villages. 


Dolf Pasman, DWE’s International Sales Manager, explains: “When the system is fully operational, we will pass it on to the local population. The inhabitants now totally depend on expensive and polluting diesel generators. They will soon be able to rely on electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, generated by the silent, clean and very efficient Oryon Watermill.”


Demo project


Dolf Pasman and DWE business partner Jaap Ory started their talks with the responsible Suriname government departments in January 2012. In the end all parties working together found the right off-grid location and recently the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) decided to support the project. Dolf Pasman: “RVO offers Dutch companies financial help in realising projects abroad. With this support, companies such as DWE are enabled to show their innovative products on a global scale. This is also why the location is so important: it has to be easily accessible for other interested parties in the region.”

At the moment DWE management is carrying out the technical preparations for the Suriname project. At the same time engineers in The Netherlands are working out the applicable capacity figures and are preparing the installation, which is planned for June/July 2017. 




DWE carried out earlier test and demo projects in e.g. the Oude IJssel river in Ulft, in The Netherlands. DWE also takes part in the Tidal Technology Center in the South-West of the country (Grevelingendam). Together with the Rijn and IJssel Water Board and the city of Doesburg DWE is preparing for the construction of a hydroelectric power station in the locks at Doesburg. Dolf Pasman and Jaap Ory see a globally growing interest for the Oryon Watermill: “We receive new requests for information and quotations almost on a daily basis. We are aware that these RFQ’s will not all be straight away converted into orders. We are talking about long and complicated processes. But this year we expect first substantial orders.”


Affordable energy


DWE benefits from the strongly and globally growing demand for sustainably generated energy. Wind and solar play a major role, but with the introduction of the Oryon Watermill water is on the rise. DWE and its innovative hydroelectric power station respond to the growing demands for de-centrally generated, affordable energy. It offers a perfect solution for regions which have not (yet) been connected to the grid and where energy still is way to expensive. 

For more information about Deepwater Energy B.V., the Oryon Watermill and projects in progress please contact Dolf Pasman, International Sales Manager: 
+31 (0) 6 13601075 or