Anacon Infra is a civil engineering project office that besides advising in the field of spatial development and civil engineering also provides total project management and civil engineering preparation. For Oryon Watermill they have been involved in the civil engineering support and design.

DRIE-D (THREE-D) is a company that operates as a supplier for the international industry. They are engaged in assembling and preparing the production and engineering. The bearings of the Oryon Watermill and the bearings for the test setups were delivered by DRIE-D.

Franck WTB Advies focuses on versatile design strength calculations and design simulations that contribute to the successful realization of a product. For Oryon Watermill provides Franck Wtb Advice strength calculations.

Hollarts Kunststoftechniek is a company engaged in plastic injection molded products, engineering and logistics. For Oryon Watermill they have supplied plastic parts in the flapvalves

Pasman Motoren & Aggregaten (Engines & Generators) is an international and ISO-certified company. They are specialists in the field of revision, sales and service and maintenance of motors, generators and cogeneration plants. They are the supplier of the Oryon Watermill and also take care of the production & assembly, installation and maintenance of the hydropower plants in the Netherlands.

QConcepts is specialized in product development directed to the use of composite materials and flow analysis. They can fill the entire innovation and development process, from business case and design to implementation and marketing. The design and production of the structural arms of the Oryon Water Mill are from QConcepts.

Siemens is a global conglomerate that produces electronics and electrical engineering. For the Oryon Water Mill they have supplied parts of the generator and control system.

teamtva! is marketing partner of Deepwater Energy. With passion and ambition helps teamtva! its customers more value by the mix of strategy, marketing, creativity, decisiveness and courage.In a multi-year partnership a project team or teamtva! guides marketing strategy, branding and marketing communication of the Oryon Watermill.



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