Your benefits

The Oryon Watermill provides a constant and high efficiency. A guaranteed energy output at a cost from € 0.04 per kWh. No damage to the countryside and 100% friendly to nature and the environment.

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Calculation example

After analysis on location, we calculate beforehand how much a plant will cost and how much electricity it will generate. This way you will have a low fixed cost price per KWH (kilowatt hour) during 25 years.

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Product features

The Oryon Watermill is a modular hydropower plant which can be adapted to the local water flow profile. The basic components: the vertical axis turbine with housing, a control unit and online monitoring software.

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At the bottom of rivers, in river cribs, in wastewater or process water of companies, in dams or at bi-directional tidal currents. In almost all flowing waters from 1 meter per second.


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Our customer promises


Complete system installation within one year from signing of contracts. 


Pre-installation site survey always undertaken.


Guaranteed energy output. 


Continuous operation and efficiency monitoring.


Guaranteed low maintenance. 


Local first-line technical support.


Fixed certified service parties.


24/7 accessibility.